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What We Do

At LAN Party Technologies, we’re revolutionizing how we play games with friends online.


Our innovative platform provides users with the ultimate environment to create, host, and enjoy virtual game rooms with friends and fellow gamers. We're dedicated to replicating the excitement of in-person gaming experiences and bringing them to the digital realm, bridging the gap between gamers worldwide. Whether you play competitively or cooperatively, we work to bring the unique energy, excitement, and socializing of a LAN Party to the digital space. 

We deliver much more than a simple group chat- we give our users the power to create their own custom space. We encourage creativity by allowing users to design their very own custom gaming rooms, personalizing every aspect from the layout and furniture to lighting and themes. This means each virtual space is as unique as the gamers who create and visit it, allowing you to share your gaming passions and style. Our team of gamers and tech enthusiasts work to provide a safe, fun, visually stunning, and user-friendly environment for you and your friends to share.


Join us in our pursuit to revolutionize how PC gamers socialize and play online. Welcome to LAN Party Technologies!

Contact Us

Need to get in touch? Contact us via the email or phone below.

Phone: (816) 457-1265

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