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In-Person Gaming, Online

LAN Party is designed to be the perfect compliment to your gaming group. Whether you're playing the same game competitively, cooperatively, or playing different games entirely, LAN Party makes communicating and sharing gameplay so much easier.


Stream Gameplay

Experience the excitement of the game together through seamless in-room gameplay streaming. Open your friend's gameplay stream to cheer them on and broadcast your stream to a virtual screen so you can all watch together.

Streaming Gameplay


Watch Content With Friends

Use a shared video screen and have a watch party with your friends. Our streaming infrastructure ensures that videos are always synced between viewers.

Watching Content With Friends


Full Avatar Control

Express yourself exactly as you want with full control over your avatar. Find the perfect avatar on our marketplace or easily bring in your own design. We give you the freedom to fully customize all aspects of your avatar including its scale, animations, and emotes.

Avatar Importer


Customize Your Room

Fully customize your unique gaming environment. We encourage creativity by allowing you to choose your room layout, lighting, furniture, and much more. Make your virtual space as unique as the gamers who visit it.

Asset Importer



Our in-app marketplace allows our community to share its creations. Easily download avatars, furniture, decor, and other items to design your perfect space, or upload your creations to share with others. 


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