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The Best Space Games to Play Right Now (2024)

What are the best space games to play in 2024? The universe has always fascinated us, from its enigmatic nebulae to its sprawling voids. There’s no denying that the allure of the cosmos has been a fertile ground for the creation of incredible narratives and breathtaking adventures within the realm of video games. As the gaming industry burgeons, developers are offering players the chance to explore virtual realms that are as vast and as mysterious as space itself. From the darkest corners of alien spacecrafts to the secrets harbored in distant planets, the experiences that space-themed games provide are unmatched. These games will grip you with their compelling narratives, intricate gameplay mechanics, and breathtaking visuals.


Starfield Gameplay (2023)

In the grand cosmos of gaming, "Starfield" emerges as a beacon of adventure and discovery, offering players an expansive universe, brimming with planets to explore and enigmatic cosmic secrets to unearth. This magnificent creation from Bethesda smoothly integrates the familiar open-world RPG elements, akin to "Elder Scrolls", into a setting reminiscent of "No Man's Sky", invoking the charm one might describe as "No Man's Skyrim". The narrative unfurls an extraordinary journey from humble beginnings as a miner who stumbles upon an alien artifact, embarking on a metaphysical voyage that sets the stage for joining the Constellation, a motley crew of explorers on a quest to unravel the mysteries of the universe. This compelling storyline, accentuated by Jules Verne-esque influences, seamlessly blends with Bethesda's traditional role-playing blueprint, while showcasing unparalleled technical polish.

While navigating the intricacies of the game, players will appreciate the immersive role-playing elements, where every decision shapes your character's evolution, fostering a personal connection to your avatar who can mirror your own spirit of adventure and curiosity. Despite minor shortcomings in the shooter aspect, "Starfield" thrives as an RPG, offering a plethora of dialogue options, well-crafted and voiced with remarkable consistency. This immersive conversational experience, combined with a gripping central narrative that explores profound questions of space travel and humanity's place amongst the stars, guarantees an engaging gameplay.

Moreover, the game introduces fresh gameplay dynamics with its space theme, encouraging players to venture into the depths of space, equipped with tools to study the exotic flora and fauna of numerous planets. Even with the occasional tedious quest, the game promises unexpected twists and thrilling turns, ensuring a constant sense of excitement. Notably, "Starfield" shines with a newfound level of stability, minimizing bugs and glitches that previously marred Bethesda's releases, thereby offering a smoother gaming experience.

Starfield Gameplay (2023)

Dead Space (2023)

Dead Space Gameplay (2023)

Venturing into the horror-infused corridors of the remade Dead Space by EA Motive is an experience that no fan of the genre should miss. Breathtakingly revitalizing the iconic 2008 classic, Dead Space 2023 offers a well-balanced amalgamation of familiarity and innovation, carefully enhancing the elements that originally mesmerized players while introducing an exhilarating fresh touch. Players will once again step into the shoes of the aeronautics engineer Isaac Clarke, embarking on a nerve-wracking journey to the unsettling environments of the USG Ishimura. The game triumphs in creating an immersive atmosphere, where the seamless transitions and meticulously redesigned settings keep you grounded in its terrifying reality, with hardly any loading screens to break the tension.

Adding to the ambiance is the masterful soundscape, a symphony of chilling silence punctuated by alarming sounds that keep players perpetually on their toes. You'll find yourself deeply immersed, straining to catch every nuance that hints at the lurking dangers. The weaponry has undergone a substantial overhaul, offering a satisfying and viable arsenal that ensures you reconsider your favorites from the original installment. Despite the enhanced firepower, the game maintains a perfect balance, forcing players to constantly manage resources while navigating encounters that keep them on the edge of their seats.

A notable improvement is the deeper characterization of Isaac, now endowed with a voice that adds depth to his interactions and reactions. This remake is not just a nostalgic journey but a refined, polished, and immensely engaging modern horror experience that promises to keep both returning players and newcomers gripped in its terrifying embrace. With substantial content to explore, Dead Space 2023 stands as a shining example of how to breathe new life into a beloved classic, promising hours of intense, heart-pounding gameplay and potentially paving the way for further exhilarating adventures in the Dead Space franchise.

Dead Space Gameplay (2023)

Outer Wilds

Outer Wilds Gameplay (2023)

In the intriguing realm of Outer Wilds, players are thrust into a living, breathing solar system that is both mesmerizing and daunting. This open-world exploration game stands as a testament to creativity and innovation in the space gaming genre. As a newly minted astronaut with an insatiable curiosity, your journey will be a harmonious blend of discovery and mystery.

Every detail in Outer Wilds is meticulously crafted, encouraging players to delve deeper into the enigmatic cosmos. The art style weaves a delicate thread between reality and fantasy, entrapping enthusiasts in a cycle of exploration and wonder. With a dynamic environment where planets follow a natural orbit and ecosystems evolve, players will find themselves in a race against time, solving intricate puzzles and unveiling secrets that the universe holds.

Moreover, the underlying narrative is rich, sprinkled with ancient civilizations, mysterious forces, and celestial phenomena waiting to be discovered. This game is not just about exploration; it’s about immersing oneself in a world where every detail matters. Every mission unveils a layer of the story, offering players a glimpse into a universe that is complex yet incredibly cohesive.

Outer Wilds Gameplay (2023)

The Outer Worlds

The Outer Worlds Gameplay (2023)

Step into a space-faring adventure like no other with The Outer Worlds, a game that melds together brilliant narrative design and deeply immersive role-playing elements. In this universe, players are thrust into the role of a character emerging from hibernation to find themselves entwined in a grand cosmic conspiracy that spans multiple planets and involves a plethora of interesting characters.

Every choice you make reverberates through the narrative, carving out a unique pathway in a game that refuses to be linear. The complex dialogue options, coupled with a robust skill development system, ensure that your character grows in a manner that aligns with your play style. This game encourages players to be decision-makers, forging alliances and making enemies as they navigate through a politically charged environment.

Furthermore, The Outer Worlds boasts of a visually captivating universe, teeming with vibrant planets to explore, each harboring its own unique ecosystem and inhabitants. The game intricately crafts a balance between combat and diplomacy, offering players a rich and varied gameplay experience. From negotiating with corporate tycoons to battling alien creatures, The Outer Worlds promises an adventure that is as vast as the cosmos itself.

The Outer Worlds Gameplay (2023)


Observation Gameplay (2023)

Harness the power of artificial intelligence as you navigate through the mysteries that the game Observation unveils. This narrative-driven adventure thrusts players into the role of S.A.M., an artificial intelligence system aboard a space station that has suffered a catastrophic event. With the crew missing and the station in shambles, players must piece together what transpired through the analysis of video feeds, audio transmissions, and a series of complex puzzles.

Observation takes space exploration to a whole new level, offering a fresh perspective through the eyes of a non-human entity. This unique approach to storytelling provides an immersive experience, as players delve into intricate narratives that unfold in real-time. The game brilliantly crafts a tense and eerie atmosphere, combining elements of horror and science fiction to create a truly unique gameplay experience.

Moreover, the detailed environments and realistic depiction of space technology add a layer of authenticity to the game. The puzzles are well thought out, encouraging players to think laterally as they connect the dots and unravel the mysteries that lie within the space station. Observation stands as a shining beacon in the space gaming genre, offering an experience that is as intellectually stimulating as it is visually captivating.

Observation Gameplay (2023)

Alien: Isolation

Alien: Isolation Gameplay (2023)

Brace yourself for a harrowing journey through space with Alien: Isolation, a game that perfectly encapsulates the fear and isolation that the vastness of space can induce. Set in a time of despair and danger, players take on the role of Amanda Ripley, who embarks on a mission to uncover the truth behind her mother's disappearance, only to find herself facing an unimaginable threat.

Alien: Isolation is renowned for its intense gameplay mechanics that pit players against a nearly invincible alien entity. The game thrives on creating an atmosphere of tension and dread, where every decision could potentially be your last. The dark and oppressive environments, coupled with a relentless enemy, make for a gaming experience that is both terrifying and exhilarating.

Moreover, the game's meticulous attention to detail, reflected in its stunning visuals and authentic recreation of the Alien universe, adds to the immersive experience. The stealth and survival elements force players to think on their feet, employing strategy and cunning to navigate through the dangers that lie in wait. Alien: Isolation offers a gritty, raw, and utterly terrifying journey through space, promising an adventure that will leave players on the edge of their seats.

Alien: Isolation Gameplay (2023)

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